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Redcot is an international development consulting firm driving strategic change and implementing innovative solutions for people, organisations and communities.

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We have an ethical and moral obligation to protect our environment by complying with regulations, innovating and reducing our environmental impacts. A significant number of governments and organisations have taken action by integrating green practices in their operations and products, advocacy and other campaigns such as reducing plastic consumption. Redcot can help you tell your story from a development standpoint.



In the Caribbean, people and organisations are making a real difference in society - fulfilling community needs and providing sustainable solutions. Nonprofits continue to touch the lives of people and protect our environment. Companies can gain their communities’ endorsement through timely and effective communication, meaningful dialogue, and impactful initiatives and partnerships. We can help you identify and manage the right partners and showcase your impact on our media platforms.



Effective independent and authentic reporting and communication of marketing and social initiatives help achieve brand loyalty and build a positive reputation and goodwill with stakeholders. Storytelling and impact reporting help nonprofits to attract resources and corporations to win the hearts of your employees and community. This can only improve a organisations bottom line on the long term. Redcot will develop case studies, success stories and impact stories for key stakeholders.



Redcot connects ideas, people, action and resources for sutainable development. We engage people, co-create solutions, develop partnerships, build capacity and improve service delivery and operational efficiency. We specialize in international development, organisational change, people development and telling your story to achieve sustainability, development and corporate social responsibility goals.

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Who We Are

Redcot is a global network of experts engaged in public administration reform, private sector development, project management, partnerships and communications to sustainable development goals.

Our team has delivered numerous projects that make a difference for people, communities and nations.  Our experts have completed projects that make it easier to do business in several countries, develop programs to improve service delivery, improve organisational capacity and communicate impact. 

We have provided consulting and project management services to international development agencies such as USAID, OAS and World Bank for projects around the world.  We also work with public, private and nonprofits in the Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

We also showcase the good works of companies, people and nonprofit organisations that are making an invaluable contribution to the sustainable development of the Caribbean.  To this end, we publish a regional tri-annual magazine which is dedicated to sustainability and social engagement in the Caribbean – ApaNa – and special collections for various organisations. 


What We Do

International Development. We provide sound program and financial management services for donor-funded and sponsored programs in a range of thematic areas to deliver tangible and notable results. Our strategic focus: regulatory reform, trade and investment facilitation, change management, economic and social development projects. 

Philanthropy & Cause Program Support.  Redcot helps companies, foundations, and individual donors develop, implement and evaluate programs to fulfill their social mission and achieve measurable impact.  

Partnership Brokering & Management. Utilizing a collaborative process, Redcot can act as an independent external broker to design, build and manage partnerships and alliances (public, private and nonprofit) for your social or cause marketing programmes in the Caribbean. 

Case Studies ServiceOur team of development and CSR professionals and writers develop case studies and write impact stories for public, private and civil society organisations wishing to demonstrate the impact of their philanthropy, good works and corporate citizenship on the lives of Caribbean people, communities and the environment in an independent and authentic way with a sustainable development focus. 


We work with a range of clients in the public, private and civil society sectors.

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We provide a case study service to nonprofits to showcase their successes and impact and help organisational sustainabiility. We facilitate corporate partnerships.

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We help companies develop and implement and showcase their philanthropic programs and marketing initiatives and, facilitate nonprofit partnerships

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We provide project management, research and advisory services to donor-funded projects for development in various practice areas.


Redcot publishes a tri-annual print and digital magazine dedicated to social engagement and sustainability in the Caribbean and beyond.  ApaNa Magazine is a nonprofit regional publication for sustainability and social engagement with specific focus on the Caribbean.  

ApaNa covers current topics on leadership, corporate social responsibility, business, cause-related marketing and sustainability trends and issues, expert opinion and perspectives and personal stories of beneficiaries of philanthropy and charity.  

Apana highlights socially responsible businesses, sustainability trends and cause-related marketing with the local and regional context of the Caribbean. The magazine features partnerships and alliances, social causes and development initiatives of philanthropists, charities, companies, donors, and individuals, and the social impact in the Caribbean.

For more information, visit or email us at


Caribbean Governments Ban Styrofoam and Single-Use Plastic

Since 2016, Caribbean the governments of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Guyana, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago have been implementing bans on single-use plastic and Styrofoam.

Sustainable Innovation in Plastics and Packaging

PA Consulting's report on Innovation for Sustainability: Solving the Plastics and Packaging Challenge  examines how consumer packaged goods companies and retailers are delivering sustainable plastics and packaging solutions.

Engage I Educate I Inspire

Redcot works with clients in the international development, public, private and nonprofit sectors to implement reforms, build capacity and sustainability for inclusive growth