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Redcot is a Caribbean-based international development consulting and publishing firm committed to providing high-quality international development, technical and advisory services to drive sustainable development.  We work with clients in the international development, public, private, and nonprofit sectors to implement reforms, build capacity and sustainability for economic and social development.

Our global network of experts engaged in public administration reform, private sector development, project management, partnerships, and communications to sustainable development goals.

Our experience on economic and social development projects worldwide helps us drive strategic change and implement innovative solutions for businesses and communities.

We also produce print and digital media products on behalf of nonprofit organisations and businesses to increase public awareness and showcase impact.

Our Philosophy

Redcot is founded on a passionate belief that a visionary, coherent, holistic approach to economic and social development can positively impact the lives of the Caribbean people.  Through our consultancy from research to reporting, we provide a better understanding of development concepts across sectors and the community.

Our deep understanding of the social and economic issues facing the Caribbean and, experience in the nonprofit and corporate environments equip us with valuable skills and insights to provide meaningful and strategic support to organisations in achieving their socially responsible goals while delivering marketing, sales and PR benefits.

Our Team

We draw from a pool of multi-disciplinary international and regional associates and consultants to conduct much of our work.  Our experts have completed projects that make it easier to do business in several countries, develop programs to improve service delivery, improve organisational capacity and communicate impact. 

Our partnership with strategic and implementing partners complements our areas of expertise and geographic presence. Our team has delivered numerous projects that make a difference for people, communities, and nations.

Our lead development consultant, Deborah Hackshaw has over 25 years’ experience working on international development projects funded by USAID and the World Bank. She also has a great deal of experience working with governments and the private sector to implement reforms and development initiatives in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.

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