Redcot is excited to announce the launch of its specialized regional publication for sustainability and social engagement – ApaNa Magazine.

ApaNa is not just a magazine but rather an inextricable combination of a publication and a philosophy.  We believe that the way for business and social communities to achieve sustainable development goals and contribute to human development is to take a more strategic and integrated approach that allows them to also meet their own business and social objectives.

Our distinct Caribbean focus is centred on three pillars: sustainability, impact, and partnerships. ApaNa creates a specialized media platform that drives social impact and leverages cross-sectoral partnerships – one that addresses sustainability, corporate and individual citizenship and good works in the region from a business and social standpoint.

ApaNa covers current topics on leadership, corporate social responsibility, business, cause-related marketing and sustainability trends and issues, expert opinion and perspectives and personal stories of beneficiaries of philanthropy and charity.  Apana highlights socially responsible businesses, sustainability trends and cause-related marketing with the local and regional context of the Caribbean. The magazine features partnerships and alliances, social causes and development initiatives of philanthropists, charities, companies, donors and individuals and the social impact in the Caribbean.

ApaNa Magazine is printed three times a year.

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