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We work with clients in the international development, public, private and nonprofit sectors to implement reforms, build capacity and sustainability for inclusive growth

Redcot is a global network of experts engaged in public administration reform, private sector development, project management, partnerships and communications to sustainable development goals.

Our team has delivered numerous projects that make a difference for people, communities and nations.  Our experts have completed projects that make it easier to do business in several countries, develop programs to improve service delivery, improve organisational capacity and communicate impact. 

We have provided consulting and project management services to international development agencies such as USAID, OAS and World Bank for projects around the world.  We also work with public, private and nonprofits in the Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.


What we Do:

International Development. We provide sound program and financial management services for donor-funded and sponsored programs in a range of thematic areas to deliver tangible and notable results. Our strategic focus: regulatory reform, trade and investment facilitation, change management, economic and social development projects. 

Partnership Brokering & Management. Utilizing a collaborative process, Redcot can act as an independent external broker to design, build and manage partnerships and alliances (public, private and nonprofit) for your social or cause marketing programmes in the Caribbean. 

Capacity Development.  We empower people and strengthen nonprofit organisations to improve organisational performance and sustainability in public and civil society organisations. 

Project Management

We provide project management services for short- and long-term donor-funded projects

Business Environment Reforms

We work with governments and agencies to design/implement legal and administrative reforms to improve the investment climate.


We work conduct research and analysis for social and economic development programmes. 

Impact Reporting

We support organisations to showcase impact of social and marketing initiatives to raise public awareness and attract funding.

Organisational Development

We build capacity of nonprofit organisations to enhance operational efficiency, improve project implementation and ensure sustainability. 


We broker/facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships to support business and social objectives.

for International Development

Redcot provides project management, grant management and technical advisory services to implement donor-funded competitiveness and private sector development projects to deliver notable results.  We utilise an integrated results-based management, performance-based financing and value for money management approach to administer and coordinate grants/funds and programs. Our experience includes managing USAID-funded programs/grants and completing assignments for EU, OAS, IFC etc in various thematic areas. We also conduct research and analysis for social and economic development.  

  • Program Management
  • Fund or Grant Management
  • Project Design and Implementation
  • Field Research & Assessments
  • Institutional & Process Mapping
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • In-country partnerships and collaborations
  • Technical Assistance and Advisory Services in practice areas

for Business & Social Partnering

Cross-sectoral co-creation for development requires a systematic approach to partnering to be effective.  When done properly, partnerships can deliver sustainable benefits and outcomes for businesses, economy and society as a whole.

Redcot brokers and facilitates cross-sectoral partnerships to support clients and community to achieve their business and social objectives. Utilizing a collaborative process, Redcot can act as an independent external partner broker to design, build and manage partnerships for your programs in the Caribbean. We will work with you to create and develop strong, effective partnerships for sustainable development. 

  • Partner Identification
  • Partnership Development
  • Partnership Implementation
  • Partnership Institutionalisation
  • Partnership Training
  • Partnership Coaching and Mentoring

for Nonprofit Organisations

Redcot empowers people and strengthens institutions through capacity development and knowledge management and learning to improve organisational performance and sustainability.  We support our clients in showcasing progress and impact of their social initiatives. 

  • Organisational Capacity Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Communications & Success Stories
  • Workshops and Training  (online and in-person) 
  • Social Impact Reporting