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Project Management & Consulting
Success Stories & Impact Reporting
Identification, Development & Implementation
Content development, Design and Publication

We provide project management and monitoring and evaluation services for short- and long-term donor-funded projects.

We work with governments and agencies to design/implement legal and administrative reforms to improve the investment climate.

We work with governments and regulatory agencies to implement change programs to improve the delivery of public services. 

Philanthropic Programs

We work companies and individuals to develop, implement and assess philanthropic and community development programmes. . 

Organisational Development

We build capacity of nonprofit organisations to enhance operational efficiency, improve project implementation and ensure sustainability. 


We broker/facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships between the public, private and civil society organisations to implement community initiatives in the Caribbean. 

Case Studies & Impact Reporting

We support organisations to showcase impact of social and marketing initiatives to raise public awareness and attract funding.

Research and Assessments

We conduct research, needs assessments and diagnostic studies for economic and social development initiatives. 


We develop content and publish articles, stories and publications centred on good corporate citizenship,  philanthropy and sustainable development. 

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