Collaboration and Partnering

Redcot  helps you identify potential partners and, broker, implement and manage those partnerships.

Partnerships are more than just sponsorships. Cross-sectoral partnerships play a key role in development.  They are formed between and among public, private and non-profit organisations, or any combination thereof, in which they commit resources an agree to work together toward common development goals.  

Today, consumer empowerment and high expectations have forced corporations to consider their role in society, nonprofit organisations are required to understand the objectives of businesses as they aim to align profitability with social responsibility.  Quite often, they are not on the same page. 

Consequently, companies need assistance in identifying nonprofit partners who support their cause and fulfil their corporate social responsibility objectives while nonprofit organisations seek partners to help them fulfil their mandate.

 We help deliver sustainable benefits and outcomes for businesses, economy and society as a whole.  

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Redcot is here to help you on develop the right partnerships for development.  Contact us to learn how we can get started. 

Who We Serve

Redcot supports organisations in cross-sectoral co-creation for development using a systematic approach to partnering. 

Our partnering services are open to businesses, governments, education and nonprofit organisations within partnerships or those considering partnering to achieve better outcomes or required to partner with organisations as part of funding obligations. 

Our Services

Redcot supports its clients in identifying, selecting, partnering and/or collaborating with organisations and people to fund, develop and implement meaningful programs by leveraging resources across the public, private, development and civil society sectors. 

We broker and facilitates cross-sectoral partnerships to support clients and the community to achieve their business and social objectives in the Caribbean. 

Redcot acts as an independent external partner broker to design, build and manage partnerships for your philanthropic and cause marketing programs in the Caribbean. We will work with you to create and develop strong, effective partnerships for sustainable development. 

This includes partner identification and relationship-building, planning and development

We will ensure the effective implementation of the partnership agreement, manage partners and ensure the partnership is maintained for the duration of the agreement to achieve business and social objectives.

We will monitor partners and activities and, assess and evaluate the partnerships to ensure that the objectives are met.  

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