Philanthropy and Cause Program Support

Redcot helps companies, foundations and individual donors achieve their social missions in the Caribbean.

Redcot is passionate about the sustainable development of the Caribbean.  We are dedicated to accelerating social progress by advancing the practice of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility through advice, ideas and action. We firmly believe that philanthropy strengthens businesses and social communities.    

Who We Serve

More companies are contributing to social good, community initiatives and charitable projects as part of their business plan.  They deserve to maximise the benefits of their philanthropic contributions and improve their bottom line. To effectively engage consumers and employees in CSR and philanthropic initiatives, companies must have a clear, authentic and compelling strategy. 

Redcot works with companies – large and small – to help them identify the right set of social issues, the right partners and, develop, implement and assess their philanthropic programs and marketing initiatives to achieve measurable impact that meets their business and social goals.    

 We also work with foundations and individual donors. 

What We Do

Redcot capitalises on its strengths, partnership opportunities, and research to achieve its clients’ aims. Here are some core offerings to companies and foundations.  

Redcot provides strategic counsel based on business principles to help our clients improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their giving.  

We help companies identify the right set of social issues, the right partners and activations to achieve  business objectives and positive social impact. 

We will conduct an assessment of current efforts and opportunities and identify possible issues and partners, trends and innovations. 

Redcot develops philanthropic and CSR programs and offers complete program, administrative and management services for companies and foundations. 

This includes strategic counsel, management of program partners and grants, to administrative support. 

 For companies engaged in corporate giving, we can quickly assess their current  programs and partners and develop new strategies to maximize their existing philanthropic initiatives to achieve greater awareness, engagement and impact

Redcot helps establish sound partnerships with community-based organisations, charities, advisors, companies and financial institutions.  Our partnering services include partner identification, brokering, implementing and managing partnerships. 

It is important that companies have effective strategies to engage their employees behind a common purpose and mission relevant to them and the company.  This goes beyond mere volunteerism.  

We can help companies develop employee engagement strategies, refresh their programs or create new ones with measurable goals that resonate with their staff. 


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Redcot is here to help you on your philanthropic and CSR journey.  Contact us to learn how we can get started.