Showcase Your Impact

Redcot supports companies and nonprofit organisations showcase progress in corporate social responsibility, achievements and the impact of social initiatives in the Caribbean.

Redcot provides professional impact reporting and editorial content development services to help you elevate your impact by leveraging human interest stories with strong visualization, photography and narrative.

We also conduct research to facilitate to facilitate a better understanding of the development/social challenges facing the Caribbean in order to develop targeted solutions for corporate social responsibility, philanthropic and donor-funded projects.

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Case Study Service for Nonprofits

Charities and nonprofit organisations make an invaluable contribution to social progress in the Caribbean but their main challenge in long-term sustainability.  One contributing factor is the lack of visibility and exposure which limit their ability to attract funding.  Despite various capacity-building initiatives, they still do not have the time and resources to develop the right messages and materials to effectively communicate the results and impact of their good work.

Redcot will document the results and impact of your social and development initiative using a story-telling format that resonates with donors and the public. Our team will present the content in an interactive format that takes the viewer/reader into the world of the story.

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